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Room-temperature curing resins

This product features easy use, simple production techniques equipments, low energy consumption, and lower cost.

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Product Name: Trivalent Vanadium Promoter(organic coordination compounds)

Trade Name: XJ-B

Rational formula: V(HA2)3

Properties: It is green acidic transparent liquid; reducing agent; miscible with alcohols, ethers, esters, ketones etc. No contact with basic or oxidizing substances.

Vanadium content %: 0.5±0.02

Use: Vinyl high polymer material and industrial catalyst.

Packing: In color plastic drum in wooden case; net wt. 30kg(±0.1kg).

Note: This product is a reducing agent which should be stored in cool, dry and draughty place. Shelf life: 1 yr.


Curing method of acrylic imitation marble product in room temperature Prepolymer of curing type arylic resin used for the making of imitation marble
Test report of acrylic plate JC-908-2002

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